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Content Writing

Content writing is all about transforming random people surfing the web into customers. How?

The short answer is:

  • Getting the surfers to your site
  • Catching their attention when they get there
  • Providing them with useful and accessible information suitable for their needs
  • Convincing them that you are the one that can answer their needs

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Getting the surfers to your site

More and more people are seeking the services and products they require online, or even shopping and paying for these services and products online. Rather than paging through yellow pages, or relying on word of mouth, the first action performed by many first time product or service shoppers is to click in a search term in a search engine and then check out the top results.

For your site to be among those showing up in the top results you must ensure that its contents include the keywords the search engine is looking for, and match the requirements of the often changing algorithm governing those search engines.

Catching their attention

But obviously, getting the surfers to see the link to your site is not enough. You need them to click on the link, and stay in your site for long enough to have a chance to be convinced that YOU are the service/ product provider they are looking for. And that’s not easy- people often skim over text on internet, rather than reading all of it. Your content needs to catch their attention, both in wording and in graphic presentation, to get them to invest the time and attention required to see what you have to offer.

Providing useful and accessible information

The best way to get them to invest that time is by offering them useful, up to date, and easily accessible information about the product or service they are seeking. This type of information reassures those visiting your site that you are aware of their concerns, and have invested the time and effort to respond to them.

You are the one who can answer their needs

It is not enough to show those visiting your site that you know your stuff – you must also demonstrate to them that you are best suited to handling their particular concerns. You need to stand out from the crowd by portraying an image of uniqueness and superiority that is tailor made, in presentation as well as content, to the market you are trawling for.

Do You Need Help With Your content? Call Now +972-4-649-1136

We at Katvanit know how to get those seeking your type of product to your site, how to catching their attention, and how to make your unique strengths and advantages stand out.

Content writing is a world unto itself, and we have barely scratched the surface of what it entails. As content writing experts we are happy to share our methods with you and propel your business to success.

Are you interested in content writing that will increase your exposure and attractiveness online by an order of magnitude? Contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

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